Re: Soliciting (more) favorite SPARQL queries

Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Last summer I asked around to gather favorite SPARQL queries to help 
> me put together a SPARQL By Example tutorial/presentation. The only 
> criterion was that the queries need to be runnable on the Web today. 
> (i.e., no theoretic queries and no queries that rely on private data 
> sets)
> A bunch of people responded with some great queries, and the result 
> was the set of slides at [1].
> I'll be giving a version of this talk as a tutorial at SemTech in a 
> couple of weeks, and in preparation for that I'm going through and 
> updating some of the queries[2], adding some more ones, etc. To that 
> end, I wanted to turn to the community once again to ask if people 
> have any new, interesting SPARQL queries or SPARQL'able data sets that 
> they might care to share.
> I welcome simple queries or complex queries, as well as interesting 
> data sets with SPARQL endpoints, even without specific queries. Of 
> course, I'll be contributing the results back to the community for 
> others to (hopefully) benefit from.
> In addition to queries that use only standard SPARQL, I'm also 
> interested in queries that use implementation-specific extensions, 
> particularly if they involve capabilities that the SPARQL 2 Working 
> Group is working to standardize[3].
> thanks very much!
> Lee
> [1]
> [2] Somehow a query about Senators McCain and Obama's voting records 
> seems a bit less relevant now.
> [3]


1. - a collection 
of SPARQL queries (3 part series from basic to advanced with extensions)
2. - short cut to some of the advanced 
and extension queries showcased at last year Billion Triples Challenge.

Endpoint:  (over 4.5 Billion Triples at 
your disposal and counting).
Note, whenever you get an incomplete result set by way of error (e.g. 
some of the Billion Triples queries, simply re-query as this is the 
Anytime Query Feature in action).



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