Re: [newbie] Question about linking to an ontology

Hello James,
Thanks for your lengthy reply.

The fact that the soccer definition _was_ incomplete is due to the fact that
I am currently testing against test-files (which is also the reason why the
persons id is sufficient for the moment, but I will improve this for some
real-life tests, thanks!).

Your remarks helped me a lot. Following your advice, I outputed the
ontologymodel using Turtle. The strange initial (not seeing what I expected)
turtle output finally lead me to conclude that I made a big error:
<subClassOf ... in the taekwondo section should have been: <rdfs:subClassOf

So thanks again, I guess I would have never found this error.
And yes, Turtle is much easier ;-)


Received on Thursday, 27 November 2008 09:01:51 UTC