Re: How to convert sparql results into html format

> > Please let me know how I should convert sparql results into html format.

It should be pretty straightforward using the JSON results format, but
I don't recall an example using this - anyone?

There's another generic-HTML XSLT in the results spec doc, as well as
an XQuery alternative:

Here's another XSLT, from Morten Frederiksen (which I may have tweaked
- can't find link to the original):

For a specific kinds of data, it's probably easiest to tweak an
existing XSLT for some other kind of data, e.g.

- that one calls another xslt to deal with url-encoding, but more
probably common is the need to correctly escape HTML content within
the results - key to that is disable-output-escaping="yes" an example
which uses that is:



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