Re: Applications that use SPARQL queries

Hi Olaf,

We have such an application and it is meant to be used by any company, 
and not only those who know SPARQL or other Semantic Web standards.

*SemanticServer* is an application which allows you to work with 
*semantic repositories* accross the web - to work with such a 
repository, you first need to register it on this server. With 
SemanticServer you can do two things (1) manage resources within each 
repository, (2) publish the resources on the web (you can publish only 
"publishable" resources - an RDF document, XML documents, texts, 
pictures etc - you cannot publish an executable or a blob). 

SemanticServer has features for describing resources in any semantic 
language (RDF, OWL, DC, SKOS, etc). You can create a description by 
using our SemanticStudio or any other similar tool.  Ontologies are one 
type of resources on such a server. Ontologies and XML documents are 
stored in such a manner that you can search inside them (unless you 
store a resource as a "blob" - the regular manner of storage for regular 
servers) . Now, I reply to your questions:

i) Each *semantic repository* can be said to be an *RDF store*. Why we 
call it differently is because, additionally to keeping RDF documents, 
it also helps maintain
- Any other type of resources. Due to this, initially we called this 
application "Resource Manager", but due to (2) we thought that this is 
more of a "server".
- Resoures Meta-data. You can search inside both RDF documents and 

ii) It has a SPARQL processor and you can search within all registered 
repositories on the web. This processor has a visual UI so that without 
knowledge of SPARQL, you can graphically build a graph with some "? 
nodes" and the tool builds the SPARQL query for you,  and runs it. See 
here how this looks -

iii) Source code is not publicly available, but it is interoperable with 
other tools - you can work with a semantic repository by using the Java 
Content Repository,  JSR-170 standard. Therefore, if you  use JSR-170, 
you can use the SemanticServer on any project.

The obvious question is why SPARQL processor needs to be part of 
Semantic Server. But, if you do not allow a repository to be queried 
from outside, and address the request for a query to an internal agent 
which, based on your priviledges, decides on whether to satisfy your 
request, and if the repository "decides" on whether to allow to a server 
to register itself, then this can serve as a basis for a strong security 

Ioachim Drugus, Ph.D
Main Architect
Semantic Soft, Inc.

Olaf Hartig wrote:
> Hello,
> Can someone point me to applications/projects that
> i) use RDF stores for their data,
> ii) access it with SPARQL queries, and
> iii) have their source code publicly available?
> I want to investigate such kind of applications for a project.
> Thanks in advance,
> Olaf Hartig

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