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Re: Charter

From: Jerven Tjalling Bolleman <Jerven.Bolleman@sib.swiss>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019 14:52:25 +0200
To: Jerven Bolleman <jerven.bolleman@sib.swiss>
Cc: public-sparql-12@w3.org
Message-ID: <7fa24568019710b17a696279ed1959b8@bell.isb-sib.ch>
Dear All,

A community group operates very different than a WG and a Charter
is not nearly as important in a CG. If you look at the guidance the CG 
starter can just issue a charter, and this was done for example in the 
bioschemas CG without any problems.

However, Andy and me don't think that doing things by fiat is a good way 
to build community. So we started a vote in issue 2. Which currently has 
10 positives and no negatives, except in the comments. Yet we didn't 
feel happy about this as in hindsight it was not quite clear that this 
was a vote, how long it would run and it was opened before people 
joined. Again making us feel like we were not obviously measuring 

Now we are both aware that there are holes to be pocked in the document 
as written. We decided that we would rather have a flawed but fixable 
one than spent lots of time to build a beautiful charter. Because we 
want to work on making SPARQL more beautiful for people whom use it day 
to day.

Also looking at the wider SPARQL related ecosystem. We are going for 
small and useful wins that implementer and their customers as well as 
the open source groups find it worth to work on. With the idea that 
building on successes we can tackle more difficult parts later on.

I would like to restate that the charter is easily changed later if 
there is an actual need for it. For now I think we would like to think
about and work on the many interesting ideas on our issue tracker.

Jerven, Andy

PS. Sorry for the late reply. I ended up fighting with my home router 
which decided to very much not implement the DNS and DHCP spec for a 

PPS. There is some activity in the EXISTS group about publishing the 
current work. Which while not satisfactory for all involved at gives 
some closure to this topic until a WG can pick it up.

On 2019-04-16 12:21, Jerven Bolleman wrote:
> Hi All,
> As chairs, we would like to have a charter in place soon.
> We will open an issue for voting on the charter as proposed on
> github[1], on the 22th of April 2019 and voting will last till 2nd of
> May 2019 23:59 UTC.
> You can record your vote for accept with a thumbs up, or reject with a
> thumbs down. Any other "reaction/emotion" will be ignored. (Click on
> the +smiley face to show the thumbs up/down)
> We will announce the vote issue on this mailing lists once it is 
> opened.
> This will be an issue only to record voting, not for comments.
> Campaigning for or against should be done outside the voting issue.
> We do wish to remind everyone that considering this only a Community
> Group changing the charter is not hard if it is needed. Yet,
> considering people went through legal with the current proposed one we
> don't want to make their lives difficult with changes right now.
> If anyone has issues voting on github you should let us know.
> Regards,
> Jerven and Andy
> [1] Specifically the file  docs/charter.html at commit
> 151e96ef942dc2a2c297b63caafbafe385af9f39
> https://github.com/w3c/sparql-12/blob/151e96ef942dc2a2c297b63caafbafe385af9f39/docs/charter.html

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