Re: reopening ldp next

Hi Melvin,

On 21/11/2023 02:49, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> LDP Next community group [1] was closed last month
> Pierre had the suggestion of creating an LDP 2.0 and basing Solid 1.0 
> WG on that.
> This might be a great idea.

Judging from a number of responses I got saying "no, Solid is actually 
not really based on LDP", this might not be such a great idea :-P

But appart from that...

> In addition to this, there is likely a need to align LDP next with the 
> new emerging WebID 1.0 spec
> I will definitely have a need for this for solid-lite, so it's going 
> to be useful in any case.
> Question for Pierre:  how much support would be required to reopen the 
> LDP next group?  I'd like to off some support for such an idea and 
> pick up where it left off.

... this would be a question for, but my 
2ยข is that you would need to demonstrate enough support for the group, 
just like for creating a new one. This means having 5 people supporting 
the re-opening of the group. But again, check this with .


> Best
> Melvin
> [1]


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