Re: files or database for solid pods [Was: Towards Solid Lite]

Quoting Melvin Carvalho (2023-11-01 18:19:22)
> Jonas, if we were to agree that a Solid Lite spec should have as few MUSTs
> as possible (without, at this point, making a specific choice).  But that
> it could have as many SHOULDs or MAYs as people wanted, do you think that
> would be a reasonable basis on which to proceed?


Personally, what I find sensible is to...

* require RDF/* (i.e. any serialization)
* recommend JSON-LD, and to only suggest RDF/Turtle
* recommend content-negotiation

Yes, this means not all user agents can expect to have succesful
conversations with all servers, even if they all comply with solid-lite.

I see the lack of quaranteed succesful conversation as a tradeoff for a
lite spec.

Only recommending content-negotiation is to me similar to travelling in
foreign countries: If you learn some addon languages (equip yourself
with the capability of content-negotiation) then you raise your chances
of being able to communicate with those you meet, but there is never a
guarantee, because the others may not have done the same, and even if
they have you might end in a "succesful" zero-solution negotiation if
there was no common match.  Yes, in an ideal world we all have eyes and
all speak danish, and we would have no need for content-negotiation.

 - Jonas

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