Re: Forming a W3C Solid Work Group

Hello to the Beautiful People,

I think I might like to become the 7th actively-maintained server-side
implementation of Solid spec.

Is there a resource I can access where I can touch base directly with one
or more of the projects that have successfully passed the test suites?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

- James Doe

On Sat, Mar 18, 2023, 3:31 PM Melvin Carvalho <>

> čt 3. 11. 2022 v 14:24 odesílatel Tim Berners-Lee <> napsal:
>> Solid is  a movement, growing every day with exciting new deployments
>> going live around the world. It is the vital piece of the third layer of
>> the web, something that was missing in 1989 but that we now have.
>> The work of the Solid project has to date been done officially by a W3C
>> Solid Community Group. <>  Within
>> this structure of the community group, we have made a substructure of
>> panels, which operated quite like parts of W3C working groups, and we have
>> made our own form of  Editors Drafts which are quite like W3C’s normal Working
>> Drafts. Now we made a lot of progress, the time is probably overdue to
>> create a W3C Working Group <> - a more
>> substantial entity and a more powerful tool - to do this work.
>> When we began work on the Solid project, it was a grassroots movement
>> incubated and supported by MIT. Over time, a developer and research
>> community formed around the Solid project. So many exemplary, diligent, and
>> generous community members rallied around the project that, in 2018 we
>> decided to take the official step of forming a W3C Community Group
>> <>. The Solid Community Group has
>> enabled the Solid community at large to socialize its ideas for the Web
>> within the W3C. The impact of their efforts has increased awareness of the
>> project as well as increased the diversity and number of contributors.
>> The main product of this has been the Solid Protocol spec
>> <>, along with its test suites.
>> Version 0.9 of the protocol was released last December. At the time of this
>> writing, there are 6 server-side implementations of this protocol that
>> interoperate and are actively maintained.  So it is in a good place, but it
>> needs work to increase the quality of the spec, increase test coverage,
>> and resolve final issues.  It needs the work of prioritizing and working
>> though the issues before version 1.0 is declared, and after to future
>> versions and/or levels.
>> Four years later, the Solid project continues to make significant
>> progress. Solid is being adopted by governments, enterprises, and
>> developers all around the world. It is being used for mission critical
>> applications and to manage highly sensitive data. As we enter this
>> formative period in the life of the Solid project, it is paramount that we
>> redouble our efforts on the Solid specification in order for the standard
>> to mature and grow sustainably.
>> With that in mind, I believe that we are now at a stage where moving the
>> work  from the W3C Community Group to a W3C Working Group is appropriate
>> and necessary.   To do that, the Community Group typically draws up a
>> charter for the proposed WG.
>> Some of  the benefits include the specs being available in
>> <> rather than just, review
>> by a wider community, including for example the TAG
>> <>,  and the W3C Royalty Free patent policy
>> <> applying more
>> directly.
>> This milestone symbolizes the next step in the evolution of the Solid
>> project and is appropriate given the continual increase in adoption of the
>> Solid Protocol and growth of the ecosystem around it.
>> Solid is more than just a protocol, a concept, or a technology. It is a
>> movement that allows collaboration, communication and commerce to evolve
>> toward the original intent of the web. Solid is the course correction we
>> need, a critical next step to enjoy a better web for all. Finalizing the
>> Solid standards will help to make these goals a reality across the globe.
> +1 to a WG
> Let me add a bit to this
> I actually started the W3C Community Group, for the reason of providing a
> mailing list and threaded conversations, I did run it past TimBL before
> doing so
> Tim (inrput) and others didnt actually join for a while, and the group
> appointed two chairs
> The CG took its own direction after that, and has produced the output above
> I think it's a good idea to transfer some of these items to a more
> rigorous WG, with a more rigorous process, which normally would have
> charters, regular attended meetings (or send regrets), and face to face
> meetings
> The community group can, IMHO, still be an area for slightly more casual
> work items, and continue in a self organizing way
> I like the idea of two work streams, I think it's been needed for a while
> Thanks for all the work that's been done here to date, and for creating a
> new entity
>> Tim Berners-Lee

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