Re: FYI: Your compliance obligations under the UK’s Online Safety Bill

On Wed, Jul 13, 2022 at 10:50 PM Pete Rivett <>

> Stop press - the bill has been shelved for now.

Thanks for the update, Pete:

Seems down, but not out.  Recent comment here (reported by Sky):

*Gov will 'press ahead' with Online Safety Bill despite delay due to Tory
leadership race*

The government will continue to press ahead with the Online Safety Bill,
despite delaying the progress of the legislation until the autumn, Cabinet
Office Minister Kit Malthouse said today.

Mr Malthouse said the government had made a manifesto commitment to act,
although he acknowledged the Bill could face amendment amid concerns among
some Tory MPs at the impact on free speech.

"That manifesto commitment needs to fulfilled. Whoever is our new glorious
leader, they will have to bear that in mind as they contemplate the
legislation in the autumn," he told the BBC.

"I don't think there is a single person in either the Commons or the Lords
who wants to do anything other than strengthen the protection for children

"As normal with legislation, it will be adjusted by amendments with the
government in the driving seat so we can satisfy that manifesto commitment.

"I haven't heard anybody yet in the leadership or elsewhere say they want
to scrap the Bill entirely although obviously, as there always is with
legislation, (there will be) debates about nuance and complexity."

It was confirmed last night that the final stages of the Online Safety Bill
have been delayed due to limited parliamentary time before the summer

Its purpose is to legislate rules for how online platforms should deal with
harmful content.

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>> Thanks for posting Melvin, and nice to see you again!
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>> Michiel
>> Op di 12 jul. 2022 12:15 schreef Melvin Carvalho <
>>> According to this article, this could affect all content globally, with
>>> criminal penalties:
>>> Hacker News thread: (#1 trending)
>>> Affects both legal and illegal content.  So I wonder if there's
>>> implications for Solid data, here, when interacting with UK users, even
>>> from another country.

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