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Re: Invitation to join Linked Data webinar internet charity NLnet

From: Joost Agterhoek <joost@nlnet.nl>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 15:25:09 +0200
To: Pavlik elf <elf-pavlik@hackers4peace.net>
Cc: public-ldpnext@w3.org, jos@nlnet.nl, public-solid@w3.org
Message-ID: <0f40032e-a61c-8978-746f-1feffefe68ac@nlnet.nl>
Hi Pavlik,

Thanks for your response and cc-ing Solid CG, of course this event would indeed also be relevant for the Solid-community (we shared the invitation on the Solid-forum as well). Indeed the event will be recorded and linked/embedded (using conf.tube) from the event page, will let you know as soon as it's available after the webinar.

Kind regards,

Joost Agterhoek.

On 2021-06-15 15:08, Pavlik elf wrote:
> Hello Joost,
> Thank you for your invitation to this Linked Data stream!
> Joost Agterhoek <joost@nlnet.nl> wrote:
>> I am Joost Agterhoek with the NLnet foundation and I would like to invite the LDP Next community group to join a webinar on Linked Data we are hosting Monday June 21st on 9.30 CEST. NLnet is a Dutch internet charity with a long history of funding open source software, open standards and open hardware, the last years through a grant program part of the Next Generation Internet, an R&amp;D initiative funded by the European Commission to create building blocks for a more open, trustworthy and sustainable internet. A range of projects funded by the Next Generation Internet initiative work with or expand on Linked Data. To learn from each others experiences and share progress, on Monday June 21st several projects present their work so far and discuss the state of art. Feel free to join the webinar and the discussion, no registration or signup is required, you can also choose to watch the stream. More information on the program and the projects presenting can be found here: https://nlnet.nl/events/20210621/LinkedData/index.html.
> Since in some parts of the globe this time will be rather inconvenient for watching the live stream, will the recording be made available and linked from the event page?
> Thank you!
> elf Pavlik
> P.S. I'm cc-ing Solid CG, especially after noticing lightning talk:
> Tom Haegemans — Solid-Shape
> Implement open source registry of linked data shapes and forms

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