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Michiel – thanks for posting that.  Very interesting as it explains some areas of Solid that I hadn’t considered before.

There are a number of existing standards efforts and communities that are also addressing related areas that I am currently involved with and that I believe that Solid should be doing more interaction with.  At the W3C, you should look to the new TDM CG ( which is addressing specific legal concerns within the EU around establishing rights towards content.   At the ISO, you should look towards the ISCC ( for the establishment of a standard around content identification.  And there is also the new C2PA organization ( that is focused on content provenance.


From: Michiel de Jong <>
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 8:42 AM
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Subject: Solid Messaging
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Hi all,

I wrote a blogpost that sort of summarizes how we've started to approach messaging in the Solid OS components we're building up now in the solid-logic repository.

The solid-logic repository contains only business logic, not the user interface of Solid OS. The hope is that some Solid app developers may want to use solid-logic as a building block for their app, even if they don't use the presentational parts of the Solid OS stack.

It's mainly still research, but I think Solid OS is at the heart of our project, and messaging is again a pretty core part of that, so worth discussing.

In this blogpost I tried to explain some of the design decisions we're experimenting with:<>

Comments very welcome!


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