RE: ZULIP interop

Lots of potential for inclusion here. I don’t wish to encroach on a POC-specific effort, but if there’s a community building around inclusion as a broader topic with shared values of openness and increasing participation by underrepresented folks, then I would possibly be interested.


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From: Timothy Holborn <> 
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2019 7:37 AM
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Subject: ZULIP interop


I've found zulip, which is a chat server that's apache licensed.


Interested in a cost to build a solid extension.  Both for interoperability with solid users and the auth method used by solid users (probably Webid-oidc)




Note also,


The chat environment supports topic based semantics. Objectively the hope would be to form interoperability between this useful group tool, and the means to federated contributions towards solving various topics, by people who are different, and permitted to (safely) participate in different groups.


Let me know if interested.


I have an.install, but am being selective at this stage about who gets involved.


POC work, essentially.






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