Re: overview talk of Solid (recorded at FOSDEM)

Quoting Ruben Verborgh (UGent-imec) (2019-04-15 12:46:17)
> Dear all,
> Following Henry’s good idea of sharing talks.
> I gave an overview of Solid at the FOSDEM conference:
> (also at
> It starts from the challenges for the Web,
> then explains Solid on a high level,
> and ends with more technical notes
> and the developer experience.
> You can use this talk and/or its slides
> to explain Solid at a high level,
> or even to go to technical depths.

Thanks a lot.

Great overview, with (not too detailed) historic background, and 
concrete pointers for new developers while (it seems) relevant also to a 
non-technical audience - all without throwing buzz-words or driving on 

Worth sharing also with non-geek and non-tinfoil-hat friends!

 - Jonas

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