Proposal: remove lesser used properties from Activity Vocabulary, refactor others

There were some additional properties added speculatively to the AS2
vocabulary earlier on it's it's dev cycle that are proving less than
generally useful. There's also a couple carry overs from AS1 that
ought to be deprecated.

1. The valid* properties. These were intended to offer a date-based
validity bound for an Object's metadata. While useful, these can
easily be provided as an extension where necessary. They are not
generally useful for all objects and have a questionable processing
model since we do not define exactly what "validity" means. These just
just be removed.

2. The status property on Activity. This was one was added earlier in
the AS2 dev cycle (pre-WG) and was always very speculative and has
proven less than useful. This one should just be removed.

3. The existing "author" property on objects. This is a carryover from
AS1. Not all objects have authors and there's a confusing overlap
between "actor" and "author". This one should be deprecated but still

- James

Received on Thursday, 13 November 2014 16:02:14 UTC