Re: **PROPOSED** AS2 spec update

> Markus Lanthaler <>
> 06 November 2014 20:39
> On 6 Nov 2014 at 21:10, James M Snell wrote:
>> While the blank nodes here may be inconvenient, they are easy to work
>> with in JSON-LD and are no more inconvenient than working with the
>> MediaLink construct in AS1. The goal here is a model that works, not
>> one that attempts to make everyone happy. I don't see how your
>> suggested alternative below is an improvement.
> I'm also a bit on the fence about this. I have to admit I fail to fully understand why we need this. The examples in the updated draft without "rel" would be completely fine and idiomatic JSON(-LD) without introducing as:Link and href as you really just describe the referenced resource:
>          "image": {
>            "@id": "",
>        -->           "@type": "as:Link",<-- not needed *
>            "mediaType": "image/jpeg",
>            "width": 250,
>            "height": 250
>          }

So, a bit of context: In AS1 implementations, the ID of an image object 
is very distinct from the URI of the actual image. This because an Image 
object is a lot more than an image: it is maybe a title and a 
description, links to comment feeds, links to a thumbnail, etc. 
Convention kind of is that an image's ID should point to the URI at 
which you can get the AS JSON.

This is actually a really useful model, and the one I push for in AS2. 
It also avoids certain issues which can occur when multiple things get 
uniqued together in the JSON-LD processing model because they have the 
same ID.

One of the consequences of that is the AS:Media/AS:MediaObject model I 
suggested in an earlier thread. It makes the properties of an image the 
same whether they're an as:Image (a full social object I can interact 
with) or just an image (i.e. an object I can't really interact with). 
This is really useful to anybody who actually wants to interact with and 
reason about the social graph.

FWIW, the ActivityPump proposal I tabled requires in all but one case 
(the case of user accounts with acct:username@domain.tld IDs) that the 
@id of any as:Object descendent be dereferencable to get the 
ActivityStreams document describing it.

     - Owen

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