Re: W3C Social WG and federation consensus/collaboration

Dear all,

Although it wasn't on the list, I wanted to declare us at Known ( as being interested in the technology and actively
developing. Our federated implementation should be out this month or the
beginning of next.


On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 8:07 AM, Christopher Allan Webber <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm glad to see that things are moving forward smoothly on several
> fronts: ActivityStreams 2.0 is really shaping up, it looks like things
> are moving forward quickly, and so on.
> There is something I'm actively worried about: I know it's a major goal
> of this group to produce a standard around federation that can help
> unify the federated web (this is why Jessica and I are excited to
> participate!).  Unfortunately, while we have several federation
> standards already and real, active implementations of these, the other
> federation groups do not seem to be participating.
> Who do we have who is actually going to be working on the protocol
> layers from:
>  - GNU Social (OStatus)
>  - diaspora (large and active!  Using something akin to OStatus)
>  - (tent protocol has its own ideas )
>  - friendica (has some very similar ideas in Zot:
> )
> I think the technical direction that this group is taking around
> standardizing something around ActivityStreams is 100% great.  I'm on
> board!  Though I do worry that we haven't done enough to bring in people
> from other groups.  I think if we don't get implementers from these
> other communities, there's a large risk that either fracturing will
> continue, or get worse.
> There seems to be significant evidence that it might get worse:
>   my reply:
>   sazius's blogpost:
>   resulting conversation:
> Neither nor the Social WG appears on the GNU Social slides:
> (Though strangely MediaGoblin does, and we aren't finished with our
> implementation of either... though maybe you could consider that a proxy
> inclusion of pump/socialwg.)
> Which is all to say: I'd like to get developers from these other groups
> involved.  Maybe something to discuss on the call today, if it's not too
> late to add to the agenda?

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