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Re: Chairing

From: Tim Anglade <tim.anglade@af83.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 19:24:26 +0100
Message-Id: <60B6D034-6B6C-4BE2-8A22-1E46687136D5@af83.com>
To: public-social-web-talk@w3.org
Hey there.

Final belated answer to last week's threads.

Le 11 févr. 09 à 07:50, Harry Halpin a écrit :
> Tim Anglade wrote:
>> Le 10 févr. 09 à 22:35, Krishna Sankar (ksankar) a écrit :
>>> b)    On a different note, would be happy (cautiously) to explore a
>>> co-chair position, if needed.
>> Ditto. But representing the “Industry” is kind of a tall order. af83
>> is a company solely focused on Social Networks (it creates and
>> operates Social Networks). Hence it gets exposed to almost all of the
>> issues at hand, on a daily basis — but it is a small company and
>> bigger structures definitely have something to bring to the
>> discussion. As a participant, I primarily want to make sure the
>> appropriate nuances across sectors (Academics, Industry) and within a
>> sector can be heard.
> My personal feeling is that a chair with connection to the "Open  
> Stack",
> i.e. OpenID, OpenSocial, etc. - or at least someone who is
> friends-of-a-friend with them, would be best.

Turns out af83 does enjoy and maintain a relationship with a lot of  
the “Open Stack” groups. We are particularly involved with OpenID and  
DiSo and have been behind their French branches from the start. We're  
currently trying to communicate on what's happening on social-web-talk  
with several DataPortability people and groups.

> Someone with actual pull
> in industry would be ideal. I am not that person. I am not sure who on
> this list is.

Just offering up what we can, it's entirely expected that some people  
on the mailing list may have more “pull”:

af83 enjoys great relationships with the two biggest operators in  
Europe: we have long-term ties with Orange through numerous R&D  
projects and work directly with their people in charge of Social and  
Open Stack projects. We also have a strong relationship with SFR  
(hence, to some extent, Vodafone) as it is one of our oldest and  
biggest clients and we build most of their social networking  

We have heavy ties with Cap Digital, a France-based but  
internationally-scoped technology business cluster.

We are also involved with the European and Valley Web scenes through  
our international presence (Lisbon, San Francisco) and our involvement  
in the global Co-Working movement.

Finally, I also have personal contacts in the relevant teams at places  
like Google and the IETF which I'm sure would be delighted to hear and  
maybe collaborate in our efforts (most probably once we manage to put  
a coherent and stable XG proposal together, though).

Whatever our involvement is, af83 and I will be happy to act as one of  
the bridging points with the Open Stack and the Industry-at-large.



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