Draft report of changes to document since last publication

In putting together the request to transition to PR, I noticed that 
every transition request seems to document the significant changes. So I 
figured I should do that as well, in a separate email, so that we could 
collectively review.

I ran this through the W3C HTML diff tool [1] (you can inspect the diff 
yourself [2] )


1) New non-normative appendix added describing use of JAX-WS in 
conjunction with this specification

2) Reference to IETF JMS URI scheme now refers to the final published form

3) Example in improved.

4) Added the definition of the "contentEncoding" header, and the 
corresponding error code contentEncodingNotSupported when a recipient 
doesn't understand the contentEncoding

5) Added text clarifying the requirements around use of BytesMessage and 

6) Editorial improvements, including:
  - references section of the document
  - acknowledgements section
  - assertion summary reflects the two new assertions from the changes above
  - change log


[1] http://www.w3.org/2007/10/htmldiff

Received on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 09:42:36 UTC