Re: One more draft of the jms URI scheme


Looks like I sent this without the attachments.

In any event, I got an email from Alexey at the IETF, and he suggested 
that we not publish until later tomorrow, so I'm going to hold off until 
Friday.  In the meantime, send me any feedback you might have.


On 1/19/11 2:26 PM, Eric Johnson wrote:
> This draft accommodates all pending comments.
> Let me know if you have any feedback.
> Four significant changes with this version:
>     * Author change - dropped Peter, added Phil.
>     * Replaced last sentence in abstract as discussed
>     * Changed some stray "may's in the introduction to "might"s
>     * Added a comment about long URIs wrapping to multiple lines
>     * Added a change control section (at the behest of Alexey
> Let me know if you've got any comments.
> Will post later today or tonight.
> -Eric.

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