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ISSUE-41 (Editors list wrong): Editors list wrong [SOAP-JMS Binding specification]

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Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 18:49:18 +0000
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ISSUE-41 (Editors list wrong): Editors list wrong [SOAP-JMS Binding specification]


Raised by: Eric Johnson
On product: SOAP-JMS Binding specification

>From email:

At the beginning of the spec, we currently have the following people listed:
Phil, Peter, Bhakti, Roland.

Based on the CVS log, it seems like the list should be:
Roland, Phil, Mark, Peter, Eric

The change log at the end of the document also lists Philippe LeHagaret,
Bhakti, Yves as people who have edited the document.  Should we add
these people?  Bhakti made one edit once, and has since stopped
participating, so I was thinking that dropping her would be appropriate,
whereas Roland made /many/ changes, and worked as chair for so long. 
Mark has made numerous edits, but has not been credited.

Yves, do you care to speak up for yourself?  What is W3C
tradition/expectation here?
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