NEW ISSUE: Problems with SOAP samples in Appendix C

There is a typo in the Appendix C SOAP JMS URI example (it uses
"jndiConnectionFactory" instead of "jndiConnectionFactoryName".

The sample messages use SOAP encoding rather than (the more fashionable)

The spec would be improved if the SOAP message examples in the
specification relate to other samples - particularly if they match the
service used in the WSDL sample.

= = = = = =
(Note: if a new Appendix C is added which contains a full WSDL document,
then the SOAP example sections referenced in this proposal will actually be
in Appendix D)

- In Section 3.3.1, amend line 41 of the example to include more properties
in the JMS URI as follows:
           <wsdl11soap11:address location=

- (Assuming that a new Appendix C has been added which contains a full WSDL
document) - In the (new) Appendix C make the same change to the JMS URI in
the full WSDL document.

- (Assuming that a new Appendix C has been added which contains a full WSDL
document) -  Add a sentence to the start of Appendix D (SOAP Samples) which
    "This section contains examples of the SOAP request messages which will
be sent for the SOAP/JMS service described by the WSDL document in Appendix

- Change the Example JMS URI to read:

- Add this sentence and two bullets after the URI example :
  "The URI is augmented by the following SOAP/JMS properties from the
StockQuoteSoapJMSBinding in the WSDL:
   - jndiConnectionFactoryName=sample.jms.ConnectionFactory
   - deliveryMode=PERSISTENT

- In Section C.1, and C.2, change the text "The URI in Example JMS URI will
become:" to "The SOAP/JMS properties set in the URI and WSDL will be used
in the JMS message as follows:"

- In Section C.1 and C.2, in the "JMS Message Header Values" table, change
the comment for JMSDestination to read "resolved by JNDI from the
destination name myQueue"

- In Section C.1 and C.2, in the "JMS Message Properties Values" table,
change the SOAPJMS_targetService value to "stockquote" and the
SOAPJMS_requestURI value to "jms:jndi:myQueue?userprop=mystuff"

- In Section C.1 and C.2 change the encoding style in the message example
to doc-literal (precise details to follow)

Received on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 15:40:20 UTC