ACTION-201 (Part 1) - Issue-56 and 57

Per ACTION-201 I have applied the resolution for Issue-56 and Issue-57.

Issue-56 -
In section 3.3.2 the sentence ""To indicate that this SOAP/JMS binding is
in use, the transport attribute MUST be set to the value" has been flagged as normative statement:

Issue-57 -
In section 3.3.5 the sentence "The value of the location attribute MUST be
a URI corresponding to a JMS Destination, and SHOULD be a "jms" scheme
URI." has been flagged as normative statement: WSDLUsage-3004

XML diff:

This resolves ISSUE-56 and ISSUE-57, but the action must remain open
pending resolution of ISSUE-58


Received on Monday, 23 August 2010 11:41:01 UTC