Re: Need connection details for the W3C CVS server

Hi Phil - funny I just moved my laptop in the other direction.  The
settings I'm using are:

Host name:
Repository path: /sources/public     (and the SOAP/JMS stuff is in
2008/ws/soapjms )
Connection type:  extssh

I found this guide helpful :


  From:       Phil Adams <>                                                                     
  Date:       16/11/2009 23:12                                                                                       
  Subject:    Need connection details for the W3C CVS server                                                         
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Today I was going to make the updates to the binding spec that we talked
about last week, but I realized that due to my recent move from Windows to
Linux on my laptop, along with my inability to remember to back up my
Eclipse settings prior to the migration, I can't connect to the w3c CVS
server.      Does anyone have the magic details that I need to set up a CVS
server connection in Eclipse?   The attributes that I need are:

Host name: (I think)
Repository path: ?.
Connection type: ?  (choices are "ext", "extssh", "pserver", "pserverssh")
(I thought we're supposed to use "extssh" but I'm not sure)

Also, unfortunately I won't be able to attend tomorrow's call due to a
conflicting meeting that came up at the last minute.   But as soon as I can
connect to the w3c CVS server again, I'll get the spec updates finished :)


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