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Minutes 2009-06-23

From: Mark Phillips <M8PHILLI@uk.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 16:56:46 +0100
To: public-soap-jms@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF627D05C7.F8BFE804-ON802575DE.005A6B77-802575E0.00579898@uk.ibm.com>

Minutes *should* be here:
http://www.w3.org/2009/06/23-soap-jms-minutes.html but don't appear to have
been created yet...  I will investigate.
In the meantime I have pasted the IRC log at the end of this note.

New Actions:
ACTION-90 - Follow up contacts with CXF to find out timeframes etc. [on
Peter Easton - due 2009-06-30].


(17:00:13) alewis: trackbot, start telcon
(17:00:14) ***trackbot is starting a teleconference
(17:00:14) RRSAgent [)rrs-loggee@] entered the room.
(17:00:14) RRSAgent: logging to http://www.w3.org/2009/06/23-soap-jms-irc
(17:00:16) trackbot: RRSAgent, make logs public
(17:00:16) RRSAgent: I have made the request, trackbot
(17:00:16) Zakim [:rrs-bridgg@,] entered the room.
(17:00:18) trackbot: Zakim, this will be SJMS
(17:00:18) Zakim: ok, trackbot; I see WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM scheduled to
start now
(17:00:19) trackbot: Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
(17:00:19) trackbot: Date: 23 June 2009
(17:00:43) Zakim: WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has now started
(17:00:47) Zakim: +Phil:
(17:00:50) Zakim: +alewis:
(17:00:56) Derek [:d0eaa0fd@] entered the room.
(17:00:57) Zakim: + +0196270aaaa
(17:01:01) Phil [chatzilla@] entered the room..
(17:01:18) Zakim: +Derek
(17:01:24) mphillip: Zakim, aaaa is mphillip
(17:01:25) Zakim: +mphillip; got it
(17:01:26) ***Yves zakim, call yves-617
(17:01:26) ***Zakim ok, Yves; the call is being made
(17:01:27) Zakim: +Yves:
(17:02:57) peaston [83ef1fc8@] entered the room.
(17:03:18) Zakim: +Peter_Easton
(17:03:37) Zakim: + +1.650.213.aabb
(17:03:53) ***alewis aabb is eric.
(17:04:05) ***alewis zakim, aabb is eric
(17:04:05) ***Zakim +eric; got it
(17:04:28) ***alewis zakim, who's here?
(17:04:28) ***Zakim sees on the phone: alewis, Phil, mphillip, Derek, Yves,
Peter_Easton, eric
(17:04:28) ***Yves zakim, who is here?
(17:04:30) ***Zakim sees on irc: peaston, Phil, Derek, Zakim, RRSAgent,
mphillip, alewis, trackbot, Yves
(17:04:32) ***Zakim sees on the phone: alewis, Phil, mphillip, Derek, Yves,
Peter_Easton, eric
(17:04:33) ***Zakim sees on irc: peaston, Phil, Derek, Zakim, RRSAgent,
mphillip, alewis, trackbot, Yves
(17:04:53) mphillip: scribe: mphillip
(17:04:58) mphillip: scribeNick: Mark
(17:05:04) mphillip: chair: Eric
(17:05:09) mphillip: agenda:
(17:05:23) mphillip: Topic: Minutes & Agenda
(17:05:29) mphillip: No concerns or issues
(17:05:36) mphillip: Topic: URI Scheme
(17:06:40) mphillip: Eric: Tidying up acknowledgements... Roland and
Stephen no longer work for IBM. We will need to change the way we
acknowledge Roland because his email address is no longer valid.
(17:07:02) mphillip: Topic: Open Actions
(17:07:22) mphillip: http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/soapjms/tracker/actions/open
(17:07:33) mphillip: Eric: No progress on action 32
(17:07:50) mphillip: Derek: No progress on FAQ action 68
(17:08:30) mphillip: Eric: Action 86 - editing the Wiki page is the best
way to record / store the FAQ - this page will be preserved once the
working group has finished
(17:09:16) mphillip: Phil: We don't have a link to the Wiki or the FAQ on
the main page
(17:09:44) mphillip: Eric: The link is along the top
(17:09:49) mphillip: close action-86
(17:09:49) ***trackbot attempting to close ACTION-86.
(17:09:50) trackbot: ACTION-86 Ask Yves what the best way to record / store
the FAQ? closed
(17:09:50) Phil: Found it
(17:10:38) eric [eric@] entered the room.
(17:10:39) mphillip: Phil: Axis2 do not have any plans to implement the
(17:11:07) mphillip: Eric: Have contacted WSO2 to ask if they are planning
to do this - no response yet.
(17:11:45) mphillip: Eric: We know that Apache CXF are started to form
plans to develop SOAP/JMS implementation
(17:12:37) mphillip: Peter: Has recently been in touch with CXF - they are
planning to work on this during the summer and are interested in helping
develop tests
(17:13:21) mphillip: ACTION: Peter to follow up contacts with CXF to find
out timeframes etc.
(17:13:21) ***trackbot noticed an ACTION. Trying to create it.
(17:13:21) trackbot: Created ACTION-90 - Follow up contacts with CXF to
find out timeframes etc. [on Peter Easton - due 2009-06-30].
(17:13:21) ***RRSAgent records action 1
(17:14:21) mphillip: close action-87
(17:14:21) ***trackbot attempting to close ACTION-87.
(17:14:21) trackbot: ACTION-87 Find out if Axis 2 has an implementation of
the SOAP/JMS Binding spec. closed
(17:14:46) mphillip: Mark: Actrion 88 - Sent contact details to Eric
(17:14:51) mphillip: close action-88
(17:14:51) ***trackbot attempting to close ACTION-88.
(17:14:51) trackbot: ACTION-88 Send contact details to Eric to update the
URI scheme closed
(17:15:01) mphillip: Eric: Action 89 is still open
(17:16:17) mphillip: TOPIC: 5b URI Specification
(17:16:40) mphillip: Eric: Aims to submit URI draft to IETF by this
Thursday with updated contact details
(17:17:04) mphillip: Eric: Any update on legal status
(17:17:11) mphillip: Mark: IBM lawyers still working
(17:17:28) mphillip: Derek: Lawyers have asked for 2 weeks
(17:17:47) mphillip: Peter: Same here... no confirmation from lawyers
(17:19:30) mphillip: Mark: IBM IETF rep confirmed that 200902trust would be
best, but we can resubmit with the old agreement until we have confirmation
from everyone
(17:19:42) mphillip: TOPIC: 6. Specification Status
(17:20:17) mphillip: Eric: Working with Yves to figure out how to update
the home page with information about schedule, CR, minutes etc.
(17:20:32) mphillip: Yves: Account should be set up now
(17:20:37) mphillip: TOPIC: 7. Testing
(17:21:27) mphillip: Eric: No progress - still have outstanding actions to
review assertions and to fill in gaps
(17:21:51) mphillip: TOPIC: 8. Implementations
(17:22:33) mphillip: Eric: We have discussed CXF and Axis - no updates /
information about other implementations
(17:22:39) mphillip: TOPIC: 9. AOB
(17:23:40) mphillip: Peter: A lot of spam has been coming from the old
progress soapjms mailing list. This should have been taken care of now
(everyone has been removed from the list)
(17:24:05) mphillip: Phil: Will be absent next week
(17:24:17) mphillip: Amy: Will also be absent
(17:24:21) mphillip: Peter: Me too
(17:25:19) mphillip: Eric: Will be out on the 7th July - propose our next
meeting is 14th July
(17:25:25) mphillip: All: No objections
(17:25:58) mphillip: RESOLUTION: Next meeting on 14th July
(17:26:53) Zakim: -Derek
(17:26:54) Zakim: -Phil:
(17:26:54) Zakim: -eric:
(17:26:59) Phil left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox
(17:27:00) Zakim: -Peter_Easton
(17:27:00) Zakim: -mphillip
(17:27:01) Zakim: -Yves:
(17:27:04) Zakim: -alewis:
(17:27:04) Derek left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)).
(17:27:04) ***Yves rrsagent, draft minutes
(17:27:04) RRSAgent: I have made the request to generate
http://www.w3.org/2009/06/23-soap-jms-minutes.html Yves
(17:27:05) Zakim: WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has ended
(17:27:06) Zakim: Attendees were Phil, alewis, +0196270aaaa, Derek,
mphillip, Yves, Peter_Easton, +1.650.213.aabb, eric
(17:27:09) alewis left the room (quit: Quit: alewis).
(17:27:09) ***Yves rrsagent, make log public
(17:27:09) ***RRSAgent I have made the request, Yves
(17:27:17) peaston left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC).
(17:28:03) eric left the room.
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