Action 19: Answer to WS-Addressing

Pls can you review this. This is first draft of FAQ question based on 
our past discussions  as to
"Why is WS-Addressing out of scope for SOAP/JMS specification?"

There is no guarantee that a SOAP/JMS conforming implementation will 
support WS-Addressing.

WS-Addressing specification specifies headers/properties to bind various 
SOAP MEPs and SOAP-JMS binding (just like the HTTP binding) says "here's 
a binding that offers SOAP MEPs".

They are at different levels of the stack.
SOAP-JMS can be considered as in intermediate binding so  in any case 
what is dictated by the SOAP level wsa:ReplyTo and wsa:Faulto is what 
will be used .
soapjms:replyToName is just a binding indication that will be used to 
derive the value to be used in the JMS header JMSReplyTo if nothing is 
set or anonymous is used
The JMSCorrelationID is relevant to identify the correspondence at SOAP 
JMS level. 
wsa:MessageID is completely invisible at JMS layer but visible at 
application level.

When WS-Addressing is present on a SOAP/JMS conforming implementation
the wsa:ReplyTo may be the same as soapjms:replyToName, it may be for 
optimization purposes there is correlation but not granted by design or 
stated by spec.
Vendors can have the flexibility to support WS-Addressing in addition to 
However specifying the behaviour of a SOAP/JMS confirming implementation 
which additionally supports WS-Addressing is separate issue and out of 
scope from the SOAP/JMS spec itself.

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