[w3c sml] 2009-10-19 meeting

1. Acknowledgements: of the 6 people eligible to be added, I am still 
waiting for 3 responses and I'm inclined to give them another week if 
there are no objections.
2. If anyone feels the strong need to publish a new Edition that rolls up 
the Acknowledgements erratum, please speak up within the next 7 days.
3. Len did submit the XLink Note publication request (on Tue 10/13 with a 
presumed publish date of yesterday) but it is not yet on the TR page.
4. Speaking of the TR page, it's new-fangled.  If you have trouble finding 
SML, it's hidden in the Schema section.  A new format for it (as well as 
w3.org in general) went live on Tue, and I see on the order of 80 emails 
with that subject on the chairs list with a related subject now, so it's 
"likely" there are wrinkles being ironed out.  I reported one myself today 
5. I'm not aware of any other business to discuss Monday, so 10/19 is 

Best Regards, John

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