RE: [w3c sml] 2009-09-28 meeting

I've been swamped and have put the XLink Note on the back burner. But I will make the pub request first thing tomorrow if it saves us from having a teleconf.


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Subject: [w3c sml] 2009-09-28 meeting

Per , since no further comments on the review of the XLink 1.1 updates have been posted we appear to have consensus that the changes made are correct from the SML wg's point of view.  Paul Grosso has responded on behalf of XML Core, on whose behalf the issue was raised, indicating their agreement as well .  Thus we appear to be ready for Len to request publication of the updated Note.

I have been privately contacted by a former working group member, alerting us to the fact that the Acknowledgements section dropped at least one name over time.  After looking at a few dated drafts and comparing those sections, I think it's issue of the "current wg members" portion being automatically generated, while the subsequent "alumni" portion added for LC is hand-hewn (with a race condition thrown in).  I will do my best to figure out the list of those names not represented in the Rec level at all using the join/leave emails the system sends me as Chair, and provide that to the group.  We'll need to make some decisions, however:

1. Does the wg have consensus to make the change by adding names to the "alumni" section of Acknowledgements?

(assuming 1 = yes) 2. What mechanism do we use to make that change?  I have asked to see if there are others, but I know of two possibilities that I believe to be valid: issue an erratum, and go through the process of editing the Rec (which I hope would pretty much sail through as email-only, given it's a non-normative update).

For now, please indicate your feelings on 1 (should we update the "alumni" content) this week.  In the absence of objections, I will assume that the working group does want to reflect the names of all contributors over time in some form.

Today's meeting is cancelled, as is 2009-10-05.  We *will* meet 2009-10-12 if any of the following is true:

a. Someone registers an objection to updating the alumni Acks.

b. No response from Len on the XLink Note publication request.

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