RE: [Bug 5561] SML should define a Simple XLink Reference Scheme

Regarding the meaning in *S* in bullet item #3a (comment LKC13):

      Let *S* be the specification that defines the schema of *U* ...

I think it was "scheme" that was meant, yes???  ("schema" ==> "scheme"
twice in that sentence.)

(Also, I find the "for said schema/e" at the end of bullet a bit archaic
in its use of "said".  Can we just say "for this scheme"?  And in this
same vein, I also find the "the so-marked attribute" phrase in the Note
before section 2 to be a bit stilted.  Can we say "the xlink-qualified

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Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I've been swamped.

There are a number of comments in the doc which ask a question but do
not proposed a specific change. I'd like to discuss those issues during
the next teleconf.


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Subject: [Bug 5561] SML should define a Simple XLink Reference Scheme

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 --> (
Len's proposed changes the to the XLink ref scheme note

Open in Word 2007.

Change tracking is on in the Word doc, so insertions and deletions are
Deletions are marked in red with a strike-through line. Insertions are
double-underlined. Where I have replaced text, the insertion always
follows the
deletion and there is an explanatory comment attached to the insertion.

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