Suggested text for EPR note


Here is a draft of the paragraph about 'downstream' model processors. See what you think.


NOTE: While the SML-IF consumer may recognize the new reference scheme added by the SML-IF producer, we assume that the reference scheme will NOT be recognized by a downstream SML model processor that acts on this exchanged model. In the case where the SML model processor recognizes the added reference scheme (e.g., if the SML URI Reference Scheme is used to contain the document alias URI), the SML model processor would attempt to resolve it by normal processing for that reference scheme. Because this reference scheme was added simply to maintain SML reference integrity in the SML-IF document (and does not actually represent dereferencable URIs), an attempt to resolve the reference using this added scheme will fail.  Implementations may take steps to prevent this failure. For example, the SML-IF consumer should create an SML model from the SML-IF document that is compatible with model processors expected to use this model.

Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2008 23:15:38 UTC