updated SML interop test/feature info - v3

Here is the updated excel file (+ equivalent XML file and the underlying xsd file) that reflects our recent discussions/decisions. I will be on vacation till next year. Someone should own and drive this while I am away.

I have made the following changes:

1.    Added Sandy's changes from sml-features-implementation-reportCosmos.xml

2.    Added new worksheet for 'tests to add'. This sheet summarizes the list that Ginny sent on 11/20/08.

3.    Added result of running Microsoft's SML validator against the COSMOS tests downloaded on 11/16/2008.

4.    Filled in the 'Remarks' column where appropriate. For example, incorrect tests.

5.    Added a new tab 'feature-test-map' that summarizes the count of tests we have for each feature. This allows us to immediately notice features for which there is no test. The results are somewhat misleading at this point because we have not yet completely filled in the Features2 column.

6.    Added 'expected result' column. Value in this column can be:

a.    F : expected invalid model

b.    T : expected valid model

c.    I : Test is incorrect. Need to fix the test first.

d.    ? : Not sure / Need to inspect the test to understand the intent.

7.    Added 'File' column that lists the name of the XML file containing the test. This is useful because in many cases the name of the test hyperlink does not give clear idea of the nature of the test.

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 09:02:23 UTC