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[Bug 4819] Append to 3.3.2 \"Consumers MUST NOT interpret wsa:address \" the phrase \"or any other schemes other than uri\"

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------- Comment #3 from virginia.smith@hp.com  2007-10-19 06:44 -------
EPR Scheme definition changed to:
The EPR reference scheme MUST be implemented by using an instance of the
wsa:EndpointReference global element declaration [WS-Addressing Core] as a 
child element of the SML reference element. Instances of the EPR reference
scheme MUST NOT be interpreted as inter-document references in the context of
an SML-IF document.

Section 3.4.2 has been changed to:
3.4.2 Definition

In the context of SML-IF, an inter-document reference is defined as:

   1. Any content in a document in the interchange set whose type is xs:anyURI
or a type derived from xs:anyURI.
   2. Any SML reference represented using a reference scheme whose definition
specifies that it is to be treated as an inter-document reference in the
context of SML-IF.

For example, an xsi:schemaLocation attribute is defined to be of type list of
xs:anyURI. These come in pairs, one for the namespace name, and one for a hint
as to the location of a schema document defining names for that namespace name.
This makes the "hint" URIs in xsi:schemaLocation attributes SML-IF
inter-document references.

xsi:schemaLocation hints MUST interpreted as inter-document references.

Similarly, an sml:uri element that is contained in an SML reference is an
inter-document reference because the definition of the URI reference scheme
states that it must be interpreted as an inter-document reference in an SML-IF
document. In contrast, the wsa:address element in the the Endpoint Reference
(EPR) reference scheme is not an SML-IF inter-document reference because it is
not specified as such in the definition of the EPR reference scheme. 
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