revised schema binding proposal - v2

One of the head cooks & bottle washers here.  Sandy is off to the 
S-c-h-e-m-a wg this week (the nerve!) and we are trying to keep Valentina 
available for editorial duties so it falls to me to send this, since Sandy 
did not have time to generate the various PDFs/compares I thought would be 
useful to the wg.
Near as I can tell, the last version that went to the wg is 
from right after the last F2F.
Attached please find 2 PDFs, a clean copy and a change-bars copy showing 
the comparison to the one above.  To net out the changes:
- added 3.5, 4.5 raised in f2f
- added couple of short paragraphs to 5
- re-wrote 6, replacing the various interleaved alternatives "for 
discussion" with a concrete (and hopefully complete) proposal for people 
to take target practice at

Best Regards, John

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Received on Wednesday, 10 October 2007 17:55:11 UTC