Market overview of general horizontal IoT platforms [via Nordic Chapter Smart City Community Group]

Survey carried out by the Community / Working Group Standards & Platforms during our meetings 2024

During 2024 the Community / Working Group Standards & Platforms will carry out a market overview of general horizontal IoT platforms for municipal and regional operations at its meetings in close cooperation with RISE Smart City Lab. The first meeting is already on Monday, February 19th.
In 2020, the Working Group conducted a similar survey where 15 actors came and gave presentations to the Group. That market survey is documented in the Working Group's reports from 2020 and 2021, which can be found on the IoT Sweden website and on the Collaborate web page of SEK IoT Forum. That time, the market research resulted in valuable documentation and material. The material formed the basis for, among other things, the production of procurement material was used in Region Jönköping's two IoT platform procurements in 2020 and 2022. That procurement material is now being further developed by the "Smart Region Västra Götaland" project for their upcoming IoT procurement during spring 2024 where about 50 municipality, the VG Region and 100 companies are participating.
This year, suppliers will be invited to give a 1-hour presentation each at the working group meetings. This time we also have a clearer template for what we want to get presented. This will hopefully make it easier to compare different solutions and better understand how different platforms are positioned and what strengths and possible weaknesses they may have.
An apology in advance to all English speaking members. Some of the presentations, mainly those from Swedish vendors, will be held in Swedish. We cant force them to translate their presentation material only for these occasions. We will try to announce clearly what will be held in Swedish or English.
During the spring, the Community / Working Group will have meetings the following occasions. All at 13.00 – 15.30.

Monday 19 February
Monday 18 March
Monday 15 April
Monday 20 May
Monday 17 June

The community / working group's meetings are open to all interested parties. If you are not on the mailing list for the Working Group but want to receive invitations, calendar bookings and zoom links, you can email me at Most of the meetings will be digital, but we will also try to implement one or some of the meetings as a hybrid meeting with the possibility of also meeting physically at GOTO 10 at the Internet Foundation in Stockholm.
At the first meeting, now on February 19, we will get a presentation of AssetBook (in Swedish) as well as an introduction (in English) to functions from the Open Source group Eclipse Foundation (which the Community / Working Group also heard about in August last year). Later in the spring, we will also get a presentation of some suppliers who have developed platforms based on open-source code from Eclipse.
You can read about AssetBook here: AssetBook | Samla alla smarta enheter på ett ställe
You can read about the Eclipse Foundation here: The Community for Open Collaboration and Innovation | The Eclipse Foundation
In March, the Working Group receives a visit from OS2-fællesskabet from Denmark, who present their work with OS2, an IoT platform that is being developed by several Danish municipalities in collaboration. We also get a presentation of an Eclipse-based platform, but which one it will be is not yet completely decided.
You can read about OS2 here: OS2 styrker digitaliseringen i det offentlige Danmark
Several additional suppliers and actors have expressed interest and will be booked during the year. We will get back with updated information as the program for each meeting becomes ready. If you are a supplier but have not registered for a presentation yet, you can contact me at The working group has developed criteria that must be met in order to come and present. This is to get a reasonable number of presentations and that these are relevant in the context. Above all, the Working Group wants to receive presentations of general platforms. For example, there is no room to look at domain-specific solutions for individual industries or applications this time.
Hopefully these sessions will be very interesting and also provide great possibilities to connect and cooperate. Welcome!


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'Market overview of general horizontal IoT platforms'

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