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Re: Proposal in development for your consideration (time-sensitive…)

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 11:40:12 -0500
Cc: "public-site-design@w3.org" <public-site-design@w3.org>
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To: Aaron Gustafson <aaron@easy-designs.net>

On Jul 15, 2013, at 12:41 AM, Aaron Gustafson <aaron@easy-designs.net> wrote:

> I think this looks really comprehensive. 
> The only thing I can think of to consider beyond whats written would be with respect to the CMS. I would love to see the W3C build an API to facilitate reuse of content in other forms. For instance, an API endpoint could enable the TRs to be more easily pulled into software (e.g. a spec reference app) or on other W3C properties (like WebPlatform).

Good point. This suggestion has come up several times. I consider this an "implementation consideration" more than a "design consideration". (If you feel differently, let me know.)

I've added this to the wiki:

 "W3C-as-platform. There have been suggestions that, in addition to providing a base (W3C-supported) platform, we make available data and/or APIs so that people can innovate (some of which can be ported back to the base platform."

> And I would lobby heavily for a mobile-first, progressively-enhanced, responsive site. But you already knew that ;-)

Noted! ;)

(I've added "progressively enhanced" to the existing text on this topic in the wiki.)

Thanks again, Aaron.


> Great work!
> Cheers,
> Aaron
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> On Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 8:17 PM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> First, I would like to apologize for my long silence to this task force. Other priorities have occupied me for weeks.
>> Next week I will present our work to the W3C management team. I have been working with Kelly on a draft proposal.
>> I would like to invite your feedback:
>> http://www.w3.org/wiki/Headlights2013/SiteRedesign/Proposal
>> I am going to turn this content into a slide deck on Monday or Tuesday of this week, then present on 17 July. The
>> presentation will be extremely short since the entire slot is 30 minutes and I want to be sure to leave time for questions
>> and discussions. I will only have a few slides and point people to the proposal.
>> W3M meets 17-19 July. I will have updates for this group the following week.
>> Thank you,
>> Ian
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