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Choosing a chair for your group + Survey on Community Groups

From: Coralie Mercier <coralie@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2012 00:11:15 +0200
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Dear Community Group participants,

I belong to the W3C Communications Team and the Community Council, which  
mission is to promote Community and Business Groups and ensure that they  
function smoothly.

I am reaching out today for several reasons and to offer my help, should  
you have any questions.

I noticed that your Community Group currently has no Chair. The Chair is  
responsible for ensuring the group fulfills the requirements of the  
Community and Business Group Process as well as the group’s operational  

Information on how to select a Chair is at:

We launched Community and Business Groups [1] a year ago. As part of  
improving the program, we have opened a survey last month:

We encourage CG and BG participants to share their experiences. Or, if you  
have wanted to participate but encountered obstacles, let us know.
The survey is open until 30 September 2012.

And finally, some groups are inactive and may need to be closed. If this  
is the case, please write back and let me know. By 'inactive', I mean a  
group that launched some time ago, never used its infrastructure, or  
stopped being active.

Thanks you.


==== For internal reference ====

Groups contacted:

Accessible Infographics Community Group
Ad Ops Speaks on DNT Community Group
Argumentation Community Group
Big Data Community Group
Decisions and Decision-Making Community Group
Decoders W3C Brasil Community Group
Development Linked Data Community Group
E-learning: Evolving technologies and growing reach Community Group
Film Industry Community Group
Instant Syndicating Standards Community Group
Law and Technology Community Group
Mobile Accessibility Community Group
Mobile Web in Indian Languages Community Group
Open Source SEO Community Group
OWL: Experiences and Directions Community Group
Semantic Sensor Networks Community Group
Semantic Web Programming Languages Community Group
Smart Phone Application Developer Community Group
Technical Architecture Community Group
Timed Text Community Group
Uncertainty, Trust and the Semantic Web Community Group
User Identity on the Web Community Group
Web Payments Community Group
Web Protocols and Energy Utilization Community Group
Web Test Automation Community Group
XForms Users Community Group

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