Survey for February 7th AG Meeting (Closes February 2nd)


We will be trying out a new process where we send surveys (except for the running WCAG 2 issues survey) 2 weeks before the meeting where they will be discussed in detail.

The survey below is for the February 7th meeting and will close Thursday February 2nd at midnight. In the future, we will send these out on Wednesday or Thursday 2 weeks before to provide more time to answer the questions.
•         WCAG 3: Review Updating Editor’s Draft Survey:

The WCAG 2 issues survey<> will continue with the usual approach, building on previous weeks, and we will call out the questions that we intend to cover the following week in the agenda.

We will discuss this new process in more detail at Tuesday’s meeting (agenda item 2).

Kind regards,


Rachael Bradley Montgomery, PhD
Digital Accessibility Architect
Library of Congress

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