Minutes from 4 February

Minutes from the Silver Task Force and Community Group teleconference of
Friday 4 February are provided here.

*	Noting TPAC 2022 announced; hybrid physical/virtual 12-16 September;
*	Update on rechartering discussion; no consensus yet
*	Discussion of protocols progress; examples considered; definition not
	quite there yet;
*	Discussion on how best to structure migrating and introducing content
	into WCAG3 structure

Hypertext minutes available at:


Minutes from the Silver Task Force and Community Group teleconference of
Friday 4 June are provided here.

*	Update on May heartbeat; Its good to go!
*	Discussion of timelines and other considerations for better engaging
	with AGWG on the August heartbeat and beyond

Hypertext minutes available at:


                                                                                                            €“ DRAFT €“
                                                                                               Silver Task Force & Community Group

04 June 2021

   IRC log.


          AngelaAccessForAll, ChrisLoiselle, Chuck_, Fazio, Francis_Storr, Jan, jeanne, jennifer, JF, KimD, Laura_Carlson, Lauriat, Rain, sajkaj, sarahhorton, SuzanneTaylor, ToddLibby


          jeanne, Shawn



    1. Update on May heartbeat draft
    2. Commenting on scripts for EO videos
    3. Moving to subgroup over W3C calendar app
    4. Meeting schedule discussion
    5. Plan for August heartbeat draft

Meeting minutes

   <ChrisLoiselle> Unable to scribe.

   sl: Looks for update info

  Update on May heartbeat draft

   Chuck_: Some valid concerns were raised and we've been working those issues out

   Chuck_: All -1 votes have changed to +1 and we are good as of the moment

   jeanne: Questions?


  Commenting on scripts for EO videos

   jeanne: Recalls was discussed briefly last week ...

   jeanne: This is a series of short videos from E&O about specific SC criteria, but are writing them in a way that will work for both 2.x and 3

   <Lauriat> Survey link, I think I found it: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/WCAGvideos_batch2thorough/

   jeanne: Comments requested on any script of particular interest

   jeanne: It'

   It's not necessary to comment on all scripts

   . You can pick and choose!

   . Survey closes 7 June, I believe

   <ChrisLoiselle> due June 7th. Per Brent's email.

  Moving to subgroup over W3C calendar app

   jeanne: Apologies for overload from the calendar invite

   jeanne: Was my error with the new system

   jeanne: Proposing to move all subgroup meetings to this calendar

   jeanne: Allows subgroup leaders to add and delete participants

   jeanne: Have some subgroups set up, but not all

   jeanne: If I'm not regularly in your subgroup, please email me with data!

   Chuck_: Curious about user error?

   Chuck_: Is it very easy to get confused? Or is it just a learning issue?

   jeanne: Believe it will be easy and convenient once we learn to use it

   jeanne: I misinterpreted a field definition

   jeanne: i.e."End Field" is meeting end, not something else

   jeanne: But once meeting flagged out of draft, it's forwarded to the list

   jeanne: Don't set it to 'confirm' until you know you've got it right!

   jeanne: Requesting patience with newbie error!

   <Chuck_> Thank you for doing the recon for us

   Lauriat: Sounds useful!

  Meeting schedule discussion

   jeanne: Notes Errors guideline didn't fair as well as hoped on AGWG call

   jeanne: Consequently, following discussion, we're going to try and get AGWG info about upcoming decision points earlier

   jeanne: So, trying to figure out what various subgroups want in August draft so it can be forwarded to AGWG well before we're trying to publish

   <Chuck_> +1 to strategy

   jeanne: Does also mean we'll be meeting with AGWG weekly, at least through June, and probably through July

   jeanne: Is that OK? Any objections?

   jeanne: Do we also need to have Silver on Tuesday in addition?

   jeanne: Most interested in hearing from Makoto, so seems he's adjusted

   <JF> +1 shawn

   Lauriat: Whatever we discuss can also be sent out

   sarahhorton: Notes Errors presented to this group multiple times, and also to AGWG some weeks ago, ...

   sarahhorton: Absolutely believe in getting concepts out early

   sarahhorton: Not sure what will be enough given the experience this week

   sarahhorton: How do we get them invested in successful outcomes

   Chuck_: Just brainstorming ...

   Chuck_: Individuals on both groups have expressed interested in migrating content

   Chuck_: Hoping more participants will be more familiarity and investment

   Chuck_: Additionally, believe Jeanne is formulating a proposal to AGWG based on a long standing AGWG process

   Chuck_: So that may help

   <Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to note the regularity on publishing, in hopes of reducing fears of missing August (or a particular draft) so we can also get used to iterating on the work as helpful

   Lauriat: Believe those will help ...

   Lauriat: Hopefully publishing regularly will also help

   Lauriat: So, if some content piece misses a particular heartbeat, the next one will be soon, and therefore the opportunity to get it in sooner, not later

   Lauriat: Heartbeats should also give greater ease about including content, because it will be clearer all drafts can be changed

   Lauriat: Recalls also the open question about changing Friday Silver telecon time? Or adding back the Tuesday Silver call?

   Lauriat: Thoughts?

   Chuck_: I like reduced meetings, but have continued to join even the cancelled Tuesday call just in case

   Chuck_: Just incase someone shows up with something to discuss

   sajkaj: Like a Clubhouse room! :)

   [group rifs on Clubhouse]

   <Lauriat> +1 to that idea

   <Lauriat> (the meetings, not the clubhouse naming)

   jeanne: Hearing no objections ...

   jeanne: Tuesday call not deleted, but not formally expected at least through June and July

   jeanne: Friday call will continue

   jeanne: Please check public-silver@w3.org for AGWG agenda and WBS survey! It's important to the process

   Lauriat: Suggest a quick email followup on our list

   Lauriat: Makes it clear and provides opportunity for any others to comment

  Plan for August heartbeat draft

   <KimD> +1 to Tuesday flexibility

   <jeanne> o Conformance Options wants a proposal on 3rd party content

   <jeanne> o probably more from Errors

   <jeanne> o Structured Content wants new material but need more participation

   <jeanne> o Accessibility for Children Community Group has restarted and

   <jeanne> will be working on user needs and identifying research gaps.

   <jeanne> This probably will not be part of the August heartbeat but is

   <jeanne> useful to get started.

   jeanne: Notes discussion last week ...

   jeanne: Conformance Options will have Third Party Content proposal

   jeanne: Errors expects to have more content ready

   jeanne: Accessibility for Children has restarted and will be working--but not August

   jeanne: Asks about Visual Contrast??

   ChrisLoiselle: Internal discussions for particular PRs, at the moment no additional

   ChrisLoiselle: Can't yet say for August

   jeanne: So the PRs are the key?

   ChrisLoiselle: Yes

   jeanne: So, we'll need to schedule AGWG time for that

   SuzanneTaylor: XR subgroup can try to have 2 methods for caption timing

   SuzanneTaylor: We can try to go through the process, currently revising the drafts to get more feedback

   jeanne: Any timeline?

   SuzanneTaylor: Not sure

   SuzanneTaylor: Trying to get consensus from group

   SuzanneTaylor: probably mid July

   jeanne: that would work

   jeanne: Goal is to have everything introduced and perhaps through the process by end July

   <Chuck_> Janina: Question on contrast. CSS flagged something for us. Is there something we can pass on to CSS?

   <Chuck_> Chris: From point of conversing with W3C, there's been discussions between the need to bridge between the groups informally and would like to do that.

   <Chuck_> Chris: I haven't spoken to anybody specifically on that topic.

   <Chuck_> Janina: Let me know if there's a best write-up I can point CSS towards. I'll make them aware. I think they will be excited to see it.

   <Chuck_> Chris: Any email or thread please forward to me.

   <Chuck_> Janina: But nothing in the form of draft yet?

   <Chuck_> Chris: No, not yet.

   Lauriat: Other questions on heartbeat?

   jeanne: Other groups not yet reported? COGA input?

   Jan_: Just had a kickoff meeting to start work on help and links back to Content Usable

   jan Don't know whether it will be ready for August

   Jan_: Can touch base

   jeanne: Glad to hear it's started

   Rain: Exactly, but also another subgroup looking at Clear Words

   jeanne: Would be most helpful, thanks

   <Fazio> John Rochford EA Draffan are very active on clear words

   Jan_: That's our only new guideline which isn't a migration from 2.x so far

   <Fazio> we just discussed it yesterday

   Fazio: Maturity Model -- will be presenting to AGWG soon, and will be meeting next Friday to preview --

   jeanne: Would you like to present next Friday here?

   Fazio: Possibly

   Fazio: Will run it by the group

   jeanne: There's time next week

   Fazio: Will advise

   jeanne: Please keep Shawn and me in the loop; and please advise when ready to present

   jeanne: Usually need a few weeks warning to get calendered onto AGWG agenda

   Lauriat: I will update via email on list re upcoming meetings schedule

   Lauriat: Bye to all!


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