RE: Process for WCAG 3.0 document updates

Hi John,
> " Excised from the quote however is this critical caveat:"
The quote was pulled from the AG decision policy<The%20Mac%20apps%20should%20be%20straightforward:>, the bit you quoted from is from "managing dissent" in the W3C process doc.
I wasn't trying to hide it, in fact if you look at the speaker notes it was included in slide 10, but we were running long and this aspect was intended as context for the proposal, it isn't something we are changing as part of the proposal.

> I'd like to see an additional bullet there that references "institutional/anecdotal knowledge and information".

Again, we aren't proposing an update to the decision policy, that was context.

Personally, I see institutional knowledge as part of technical merit, assuming it is within the intended scope of the work.

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Received on Friday, 15 October 2021 14:27:12 UTC