Reminder of Joint ACT-AG-Silver meeting on Friday

There will be no Silver meeting at the regular time because of the 
scheduled joint meeting with ACT earlier in the day.

As an experiment with the new W3C Calendar system that is currently in 
beta, I sent an invitation to the Joint meeting with ACT, AG, and Silver 
to discuss testing. Please let me know if you have accessibility or 
other difficulties with the invitation. Alternatively, you may report 
feedback and issues to its dedicated Calendar GitHub repository 

It is our goal to reconcile differences between ACT Rules and the WCAG 
3.0 methods.  Please review the proposed ACT rules in preparation for 
the meeting.

  * *Document has heading for non-repeated content
    <>*: This rule is one of the
    atomic rules used in the Bypass Blocks of Repeated Content rule. A
    page fails the bypass blocks if it fails all of its atomic rules.
  * *Heading is descriptive <>*:
    This rule checks that a heading describes the content immediately
    after it.

Received on Tuesday, 18 May 2021 18:54:04 UTC