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Hi Janina and Bruce,
I wanted to add Peter onto this email but cannot find his email address. Please add him.
I was excited to hear the presentation about use cases that Janina and Peter did today. I think there are at least 2 use cases for government specific situations that may be helpful to consider:

  1.  adding public comments to government websites when the comments are mailed in. Some citizens continue to send public comment through physical mail, and there are times where all public comments must be posted. It is not that they should not be made accessible, however, the time frame for making them accessible, especially during times where an extreme amount may come in, say during the beginning of a pandemic or times of civil unrest, may be something that needs to be considered.
  2.  As a bill becomes law there are things like strike-through, redaction, and other aspects that get loaded sometimes daily onto public facing websites to enable citizen participation in government. While the current method is often PDFs, as future technologies address this use case, the ability for citizens to be aware of what is current, what line it is on (that is how the conversations about a bill happen), and other components used in the discussion of the bill are essential for true participation.
I imagine that Bruce may have other thoughts about these and other use cases, that may help clarify my language or add to it.
Anyway, thank you for the work you are doing! It is so helpful.

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