Initial wording for WCAG 3.0 Editors note


At last week’s AGWG/Silver meeting, we discussed adding an editor’s note to the WCAG 3 documents to better clarify our process. A draft of that note is below. We will hopefully talk about the text at today’s meeting and survey it for next week. Please note that the parts and sections listed will be updated for each release and are not confirmed for the upcoming release.

DRAFT Editor’s Note
The current proposal for WCAG 3 is made up of different parts and sections, including:
·         WCAG3
·         WCAG3 Explainer
·         Guideline How-tos
·         Outcomes
·         Methods
·         Functional categories
These parts and sections are inter-related and are continually being refined and updated as more sections are developed.  Each publication of WCAG 3 will include updates to some, but not necessarily every part and section. This process will facilitate quarterly updates which provides opportunities for public review and comment throughout the evolution of the guidelines.  As a result, the document is a work-in-progress. Content will evolve and there may be changes to layout and style that are not yet reflected in all parts of the present release and will be reflected in future releases.  The parts and sections updated in this release are:
·         First draft of the WCAG3 Explainer which takes explanatory material out of WCAG3 to improve usability.
·         New guideline on Error Prevention (including 3 methods) which is a migration of WCAG 2.1
o    3.3.4 Error Prevention (Legal and Financial)
o    3.3.6 Error Prevention (All)
·         New conformance section on User Generated Content, a glossary definition of UGC, and a new outcome for Text Alternatives guideline: Supports the addition of text alternatives for user-generated content
·         Three new Methods for Text Alternatives
·         A new proposal revising the Methods template to address comments from the FPWD.  This proposal was done in partnership with the ACT task force.

Rachael Bradley Montgomery, PhD
Digital Accessibility Specialist
Library of Congress

Received on Tuesday, 10 August 2021 13:47:20 UTC