Pre-CFC WCAG 3.0


In previous joint AGWG and Silver meetings we have been reviewing and
discussing publishing the WCAG 3.0 first public working draft (FPWD
<>).  As far as I am aware, we have
now discussed and/or addressed all issues that were raised.

Are there any remaining concerns before we move to CFC for publication of
the FPWD?

You can see lists of the issues in the following questionnaires and meeting

   - FPWD Initial Comments Survey (1 Sept)
   - 1 September AGWG Meeting Minutes
   - Silver FPWD Candidate Survey (15 Sept)
   - 15 September AGWG Meeting Minutes
   - WCG 3.0 CFC Review Survey (6 Oct)
   - 6 October AGWG Meeting Minutes

Kind regards,

Rachael Montgomery, PhD
Director, Accessible Community

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Received on Thursday, 22 October 2020 17:16:28 UTC