RE: Silver minutes from October 6th, 2020

Please pardon my intrusion on your email chain. I joined this group a while ago and have wondered how to jump in and help out. I’ve reached out to several individuals, but I think my emails were never received. Will you please let me know if there is an area where I can help out? I currently work as an ADA compliance coordinator in charge of web accessibility at a university. I am very familiar with WCAG 2.0 and 2.1. But most of my career prior to this was spent in business writing and editing. Please put me to work if I can help in any way!

Christy Owens | ADA Compliance Coordinator
Brigham Young University-Idaho
Disability Services Office
344 McKay Library, Rexburg, ID 83460-0425
(208) 496-9216<>
BYUI Disabilty Services<>

From: Storr, Francis <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 8:46 AM
Subject: Silver minutes from October 6th, 2020

Minutes from the Silver Task Force today.


  *   Reviewing the writing resources for new content.
  *   Scoring, critical errors, and outcome ratings.
  *   Plain language and style guides.
  *   A reminder to register for TPAC.
  *   A reminder to complete the Silver survey and attend AG WG today.
  *   Clarification required on what is the expected release date for WCAG 2.2.

Minutes available at:


Intel Accessibility Office.
Intel Disability and Accessibility Network: Oregon Chapter Lead and Cross-Site Information Technology Chair.

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