Links for Conformance Benchmarking Proposal

Jake will be presenting his proposal for Benchmarking in Conformance.  
Jake has been working out the details and testing a proposal that 
integrates the various proposals that we have been discussing over the 
last year.

Here are the links for you to (optionally) review before the meeting so 
you can be prepared with questions.

* Benchmark Process Flow (flowchart) 

* Benchmark Scoring Experiment 1 (spreadsheet) 

* Benchmark Scoring Experiment 1 (flowchart) 

There have been problems with the Google Drive folder permissions.  
Everyone with the link should be able to see the documents.  If you 
think you should have edit or comment permissions and do not, please 
privately contact me with the email address you prefer for accessing 
Google Drive documents.  I would prefer to give access at a higher 
folder level than the documents, so please don't send me 3 requests 
through the Google "ask for access" feature for each document.  Have 
mercy on me, as I expect that many of you have lost access.  ;)

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