Summary & Minutes of Silver Conformance meetingq

== Summary ==

It was a small group. We worked on the Scoring Example and the ED draft 
changes.  We discussed what was missing from the Scoring Example, that 
we still need to figure out how to include the critical path of the 
scope of what the organization is scoring. We want to hold a higher 
standard for accessibility for what is on the critical path. We made 
some notes of ideas of how we could do that.  We also started to look at 
the unit of scoring in the table of WCAG success criteria. We had made a 
start at deciding whether a WCAG SC was measured by instance (like alt 
text) or by page/screen (like Language of Page or Timeout).  We 
discussed some tricky ones and decided to make a note of them for future 

We reviewed changes in the ED draft and made some minor adjustments.  
Angela has made a plain language pass of the Scoring and Conformance 
section and Jeanne will get that into the ED by Thursday.

== Minutes ==

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