[Draft] Silver XR: Reflow of Captions and other text (in context)

Hi Jeanne and all,

Here is my draft technique and test for reflow of captioning (and other 

F0# Caption Reflow Technique: Customisable context sensitive reflow of 
captions, subtitles and text content in XR environments.

Users with vision impairments may need to resize or reflow captions, 
subtitling or other text.
It is important that caption, subtitling or text can reflow (in context) 
within an XR environment without loss of information, context or 
The means that via a user preference, personization or other 
customisation setting the user can choose a font format or size of their 
choice, or use a mechanism with accessible affordances, that will allow 
them to resize and reflow text without either hiding or obscuring the 
content or substantial loss of context.

Maintaining reflow context in XR for Captions
Content should not loose its context - this means that when captioning 
is related to speech they maintain their relationship with the source.
If text within the environment needs to be resized there is a parent / 
child relationship that is semantically maintained.

Anti-Aliasing or use of vector graphics of Captions
Depending on the environment - Captions should be resized with out loss 
of quality.
This may mean anti-aliasing options need to be available in XR or 
requiring the use of vector style graphics for captions and other text, 
which means they will resize more easily without loss of quality,

F0# Captions Reflow Test:

#1: There is support for captioning and subtitling of multimedia content.
#2: These is support for reflow of captions and other text.
#3: There is no need to scroll with the XR environment to reveal further 
text - a mechanism exists.
#4: There are semantics present that define context and relationships 
between related captions, subtitles and their source.
#5: Where captions and other text may be placed on a second screen 
context and source information is maintained.

#: Check that #1, #2. #3, #4 are true etc.

Caption Reflow new Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Anti-aliasing is available as an option
Outcome 2: Captions are provided in a vector format within the XR 
Outcome 3: Captions and other text may be placed on a second screen.




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