Summary & Minutes of Silver meeting of 14 August 2020


  * There will be a joint meeting with AGWG for 2 hours on Tuesday 18
    August from 11:00-1:00 ET (that's 30 minutes after the end of the
    Silver teleconference). There will still be a Silver meeting where
    we will be focusing on content from the subgroups that will go into
    the FPWD. Conference Call info for joint meeting
  * There is a link to a survey with 2 proposals for Editor's Notes
    to go into the WCAG3 draft that we discussed on last Tuesday's Deep
    Dive meeting. Please complete the survey before Tuesday's joint
  * We need test examples from the Content subgroups

There is a new Conformance proposal that merges aspects of the 3 
different conformance proposals that is a followup from the discussions 
of the Tuesday Deep Dive meetings. We walked through a slide deck about 
the merged Conformance proposal 
We discussed the different presentation options for Functional Outcomes. 
This will be part of the joint meeting with AGWG on Tuesday 14 August.

Michael Weiss showed his design for the HowTo and Methods information, 
which is roughly equivalent to the WCAG2 Understanding and Techniques.

We briefly discussed the 7 comments on the Silver Decision Policy.  
Several people asked that the survey be reopened and we will discuss it 
again on 21 August.

== Minutes ==

Received on Friday, 14 August 2020 19:25:22 UTC