Summary & Minutes for Silver Conformance meeting of 10 September 2019

== Summary ==

We reviewed the Silver Face to face agenda at :,_Japan

Amazon has identified 3 general areas where they have identified "big 
challenges" with conformance:

 1. Human involvement in testing is much more difficult when pages are
    highly dynamic.
 2. There are always parts of a large website that are under construction
 3. The 3rd party content -- especially content from users that may defy
    best efforts at accessibility.

Makoto explained how Japan adapted the WCAG conformance model to address 
some of these issues.  Their conformance model adapts the random 
sampling model from EU.  They test 40 pages, of which 25 should be 
random.  They test only a point in time, using screenshots to show the 
status of that page at that time.  If the pages pass, the site conforms. 
The conformance does not expire, but the date of the testing is publicly 
visible.  Japan does not have a legal requirement for accessibility, so 
this is market driven.  "People will judge."

Cyborg suggested that we could give incentives for improvement at 3 
levels: self-improvement (improving legacy material), comparison to 
other products of a similar category, and comparison to an ideal standard.

== Minutes ==

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