Summary & Minutes of Silver Conformance Subgroup meeting of 3 September 2019

== Summary ==

We started discussing two new documents based on the discussion we are 
having on Issue #3 "What should conformance be measuring?" Last week's 
call had asked that a spreadsheet be created to allow us to do a rough 
scoring of measurement factors so we could see if the results made 
sense.  The first document is anarrative describing the measurement 
factors in the conformance proposals 
We discussed them and made notes in the document (blue highlighted).   
Most of the measurements from the first proposal seemed better suited to 
guidance to be evaluated than to conformance measures.

Peter offered to write additional information on Amazon's experience 
with the WCAG conformance as additional information to feed this 
discussion. We will continue looking at other proposals next week.  We 
will also start with a narrative evaluation first, rather than jumping 
straight to a number evaluation, so we can develop what the rubric 
(range of conditions) are.

== Minutes ==

Note: the technical challenges continue.  The formatted version of the 
minutes didn't create because I made the minutes after UTC midnight, so 
the minutes were created in 4 Sept and were empty. The raw IRC log from 
3 September is available for your reading pleasure.

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