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Summary and MInutes of Silver Content meeting of 22 October 2019

From: Jeanne Spellman <jspellman@spellmanconsulting.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 13:15:42 -0400
To: Silver Task Force <public-silver@w3.org>
Message-ID: <9c20c53c-4596-53cb-e1eb-ea915a7d2d3f@spellmanconsulting.com>
== Summary ==

1) We received updates from the subgroups working on new content and 
migration.  Color Contrast will not be in the FPWD.  Because of the 
updated science behind the Visual Contrast work, it is more than a 
migration and will need more time.  All other groups are meeting this 
week and making progress.  After the scurry of the FPWD, we need to 
examine the process in more detail and agree on the editorial details 
and the definition of "Need".

2) Jeanne passed on the clarification from Shawn that although we 
grouped WCAG SC in the Migration document, that does NOT mean that we 
are writing 1 guideline to apply to the whole group.  It meant that we 
saw areas of overlap that we wanted to make sure we addressed.  The Alt 
Text group was not attending, so we did not address the issues around 
Images and the other potential guidelines.

3) Jeanne reviewed goals and scope of the First Public Working Draft 
(FPWD). The AGWG chairs want it to show the structure and to show at 
least 3 WCAG Success Criteria that are migrated, including a difficult 
success criterion.  Jeanne let them know that they will be sketches, not 
fully developed migrated success criteria. SIlver Members have asked if 
FPWD  is Minimum Viable Product (MVP - a term from Agile software 
development).  It is not.  In Agile terms, it is an EAR - executable 
architectural release.  It is intended to show the structure and sketch 
out a few features so people can see how it will work.  Schedule:  The 
existing AGWG charter will be extended to the end of December while W3C 
Management works with the organizations with Formal Objections to the 
charter.  Their goal is to negotiate the objections in November so 
potentially, we could publish as soon as 3 December. After the FPWD, we 
will publish an update every other month.

4)  Cybele showed a proposal to identify what tests should be developed 
to see if a Method is meeting a user need.  This was developed by the 
Visual Contrast group.  It matches the user needs with the range of 
possible tests as a brainstorming exercise, then filtering the tests. 

== Minutes ==

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